The Front Line of Streamlined Implementation: Government Staffing

The U.S. Army has the highest hiring standards around, and learning how to navigate these standards is the key to success. For the years HRU has effectively supplied technical personnel to the U.S. Army’s largest manufacturing facility.

From engineers, designers and planners, to all levels of skilled trades, HRU has designed programs that fit within the complex government hiring process. HRU has put contractors to work onsite at government facilities, allowing the government to continue their hiring process without work stoppage. Upon successful completion of the process, the contractors are then transitioned to direct government employment.

With over 100 employees successfully transitioned to government roles, utilizing the HRU process has allowed the U.S. Army to get work done quickly and efficiently, without having to wait long periods to implement the right talent at the right time.

"I’ve always wanted a career with the U.S. Army and have tried many times to apply, but the process never seemed to go anywhere. HRU made it possible for me to show the government what I was capable of and that led to a direct government position. I never would have had that opportunity without HRU."– HRU Employee

HRU Government Staffing


HRU Government Staffing has a proven CPARS track record of providing outstanding service and fulfilling government contracts. Our staff hold the necessary government clearances and are experienced recruiters adept at attracting top talent for government environments.

Certified Female-Owned Supplier:

HRU is a 100-percent female-owned staffing business.

Industry Metrics:

HRU delivers a quarterly scorecard to each client on effectiveness measures, ensuring the most up-to-date market and industry data.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction:

HRU uses both web-based and in-person interviewing to ensure your RPO is delivering the services your business needs at the time you need them.

Web-based Technologies:

HRU is constantly leveraging next-gen technologies to make our processes more efficient and to uncover and attract the best talent in your industry.

Government contract staffing is a unique segment of business within the staffing industry. With over 9,000 staffing companies in the U.S., fewer than one percent have experience in government staffing.

Local, state or federal, HRU is the proven government contracting staffing specialist. HRU is a GSA contract holder and proven CPARS government contractor for engineering services and technical staffing. Our contingent staff is guaranteed to pass federal background checks within our selection process, and be prepared to work long-term commitments to finish a project.