The Flexible Path to Scalable Agility: HRU Contingent Staffing

The new economy is pushing HR Pros to strategically rethink their workforce more than ever. In 2012, 
the Aberdeen Group commissioned a national research study, which showed that 26 percent of the average organization’s total workforce is contingent or contract-based.

Ever focused on market conditions, HRU has provided AM General, maker of military and commercial heavy-duty vehicles, with the necessary agility to customize their staffing needs.

This partnership has allowed AM General to ramp up and down quickly on projects, allowing a big company to stay very nimble in an extremely competitive technical environment. HRU sources, screens and hires contingent technical workers (engineers, designers, technicians) for AM General’s engineering center in Livonia, MI. Hiring upwards of 200–300 individuals a year, HRU’s partnership with AM General ensures that projects of scale begin on time and, upon completion, allow AM General to ramp down their workforce to sustainable levels.

"We have had a long standing partnership with HRU that has benefited both companies. HRU helps us source and hire the best contingent technical talent, many of which we end up hiring as permanent staff. It’s a win-win proposition for us. We know we are hiring great employees, because we’ve already seen them in action." – Kelly Burton
HRU Contingent Staffing

igh-Quality Contingent Staff:

Our selection process for contingent workers mirrors that of our clients’ own direct hiring/selection model. We work with every client to build an end-to-end process that produces the best talent in the industry.

Flexibility of Staff:

The needs of business are constantly changing and our staff of recruiters is prepared to react at a moment’s notice to fill your needs. Our clients routinely start using us for contingent staffing, and then move those contractors to full-time positions. This is the real value of contingent staffing—the opportunity for individuals to prove themselves within your environment.

Simplified Staffing:

HRU ensures you have single-point contact to coordinate all your staffing-related needs.

Metric Driven:

We believe that HR and recruiting can add value to an organization, and we assist you in delivering the metrics that matter. HRU creates company-specific staffing metrics and will share our industry benchmarks and best practices to help you continually improve.

Proven Client Satisfaction:

We continually monitor the satisfaction of our client hiring managers with each new hire. This gives our clients real-time metrics to gauge our effectiveness and a platform on which to address concerns and note improvements.

Whether you need to fill a few hard-to-find technical professional positions or add staff for a one-time or short-term engineering or IT project, you want the flexibility a contingent workforce can provide without sacrificing quality.

HRU Contingent Staffing can significantly reduce the risk of overstaffing or hiring the wrong cultural fit. With highly-trained, highly-qualified candidates consistently coming in the door, ready to go, you have the flexibility to meet the needs of your business and be sure you’re adding the right people for your organization. In the end, using contingent labor can reduce your overall labor costs.