The Fertile Process for Smarter Growth: HRU Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Small and medium-size companies face critical issues as they grow, especially if they grow quickly. HRU can help a growing business with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

RPO doesn’t take over your HR department, it acts as an extension. By helping your HR staff take one thing off of their plates, you are allowing them to focus on the hundreds of other HR issues that happen in high-growth times. RPO allows your organization’s HR department to tap into a recruiting staff that is prepared for high-volume hiring, with the latest social recruiting tools at their fingertips.

HRU recently partnered with a small, but growing, government contractor who was awarded a project that would see them double their size in one year. The HRU RPO model allowed them to hire quickly, leveraging our entire staff, during their busiest time. Once ramped up, they didn’t have a large HR team that was no longer needed. This partnership allows you to customize how the RPO model will work for you and how much control over the process you want to retain. By using RPO and not paying full agency fees for direct hires, you save money. You’re buying in bulk and partnering with a partner that works for you.

HRU Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Return on Investment:

HRU provides comprehensive analytics that enable you to track and control your staffing costs and demonstrate effectiveness and value.

Web-Based Technologies:

HRU is constantly leveraging next-gen technologies to make our processes more efficient and to discover and attract the best talent in your industry.

Managed Expectations:

Consistency and efficiency of process are paramount conditions that HRU provides during the staffing process.

Process Transparency:

Knowing what is going to happen and then having it happen is comforting to our clients. HRU partners with you to develop a process that will work for your entire organization.

Industry Metrics:

HRU delivers a quarterly scorecard to each client on effectiveness measures, ensuring the most up-to-date market and industry data.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction:

HRU uses both web-based and in-person interviewing to ensure that your RPO is delivering the services your business needs at the time you need them.

Having a successful RPO begins with the design and planning of the roll-out, and this is where HRU excels. Our experienced, industry-proven team can assist you in indentifying the criteria necessary for successful implementation and help you overcome organizational obstacles as they present themselves.