The Deep End of the Talent Pool: Direct-Hire Staffing

When one of our clients engages us to help them find a direct hire technical employee, it’s not because they don’t have the skill themselves to find the person–it’s because they don’t have the capacity.

HR Pros have a million things on their desks and to seek out hard-to-find technical candidates requires a bunch of time, tools and effort. So, what does your organization want you to stop doing so you can go source, screen and interview full time?

HRU recruits 24/7 nationally for technical talent, which allows us to help clients like Gestamp, North America. Trying to double the size of their workforce, filling engineering and technical roles at out-of-the-way plant locations all over the country while expanding their facilities, as Gestamp has done recently at one of their Michigan facilities, creates a number of challenges.

The HR staff at Gestamp engaged HRU to help them not with their day-to-day hiring, but with certain hard-to-fill positions. They knew they just didn’t have the time and resources to do it justice without letting a number of other things they were juggling hit the floor.

“I trust the process and recruiters at HRU to provide us with great candidates that meet our high-qualifications. I have to, it’s my reputation on the line when I present a HRU candidate to my hiring managers. The hiring manager expects good, solid candidates and HRU delivers. Which allows me to focus on creating a great work environment and retaining our employees here at Gestamp.” — Brian Rush, Gestamp HR
HRU Direct-Hire Sourcing


HRU aims to work as a seamless arm of your recruiting and HR department, working with you and your hiring managers to produce the most dynamic search.

Intensive Sourcing:

HRU customizes each candidate search to your specifications, developing a sourcing plan based on your environment, competitors and industry.

Interviewing and Screening:

Intensive screening of each candidate presented is a given with HRU recruiters. Our recruiters are trained in multiple interviewing styles and dig deep into the motivation of candidates before we present them to our clients.


Each HRU client gets customized staffing metrics for their searches, and we work with our clients to deliver company-specific metrics they require.

The success of your business requires you have industry-leading talent. HRU provides you a recruiting partner, with specialization in your industry, who can mobilize and react with a full team of experienced recruiting professionals to strategically pursue the talent your organization needs.

Understanding the difference between a great candidate and a great talent for your organization requires a true partnership. With decades of industry niche experience, HRU understands that difference. Uncovering talent is always going to be your business priority, and finding top technical talent demands recruiters who understand the specific skill sets required by your industry.